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U of AL fraternity gets on the Bus and parties to the live music of the Whooping Cranes
U of AL fraternity gets on the Bus and parties to the live music of the Whooping Cranes

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Whooping Cranes funky rock soul dance band
Garret Factory guitarist singer songwriter band
Crucial Dread world reggae soca calypso dance band
the Businessmen alternative rock punk new wave band




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Interchange Records was initially formed as Freeway Records of Houston, TX, releasing several vinyl records of original music bands in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Even after securing the federal trademark for Freeway Records, it was then discovered that another Freeway Records was in existence in California. With the help of young lawyer Casey Kiernan (pianist on Garret’s Lack of Sleep –LP), the situation was pursued and researched only to find out that the West Coast's Freeway Records had secured it’s federal mark four months earlier than the Houston Freeway Records. Therefore, the Texans lost that game, even after fully securing and paying for their trademark! That’s how it goes with federal trademark searching and holding periods. So the Texans pulled up their boot straps and changed the name to Interchange Records, and went through the whole process again. After reflecting on the situation, it seemed to be a better and more modern name as Interchange Records.

The actual Interchange Records logo was derived from Garret Factory seeing a painting created by visual artist Kelly Bates. He then commissioned her to create a similar design that was appropriate for a record label logo. To this day her original painting is displayed in the Studio/Offices of Interchange Records. Kelly continued helping with many art and photography needs through the mid 80’s. When Interchange Records moved from Houston to Atlanta, GA in ’88, she moved also to become the art/photography & promotions director. Her art & photos have graced many Album & CD covers, posters, flyers, promo, this site, and her expertise as webmaster has brought this website to you.


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