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Garret Factory has released and marketed several LP’s, singles, EP’s, and CD’s. His first LP: Lack of Sleep/Earth Records-Houston contains an artsy mixture of jazz and classical elements in a contemporary acoustic album including haunting love ballads. His well-known LP: Gulf Coast State of Mind/Interchange Records-Houston 1988 is a sampler in Garret’s roots and coastal writing styles of folk, blues, reggae, and soul.

Collectible items - (only 1,000 copies were pressed)

Lack of Sleep (LP).....N/A - Out of Print - [check auction sites]

Gulf Coast State of Mind (LP)..... N/A - Out of Print - (check auction sites)

Industrial Way/Life of a Fortress (45 single)..... N/A -- Out of Print - [check auction sites]


The Drive Off the Map (CD) - $12.00 (U.S.) - [$14.00 outside of U.S.]

(see CD info. letter on 'Things of Interest' page.)

The Drive off the Map CD


Whooping Cranes - Rock with the Flock (CD) $12.00 U.S. - [$14.00 outside of U.S.]
The new 2012 CD by Whooping Cranes 'Rock with the Flock' is now released on Interchange Records/ Atlanta, GA. This album consists of 14 originals, and the band's horn section is featured on many of the tracks.

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Garret Factory T-Shirt $14.00 U.S. [$16.00 outside of U.S.]
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