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Garret’s originals have been featured in radio commercials for American Pie events, the Place on Piedmont, Bullfrog Suntan Lotions, & 99X Atlanta Radio spots, and others. His acoustic guitar tune 'Space Ragtime' (Gulf Coast State of Mind-LP) was featured daily for one year on WRAS-FM Radio/Atlanta's GSU News as lead-in/lead-out music. He also has several songs published by DSM/Warner Chappell Music – New York/& FL. The Factoryman produced & digitally re-mastered the rocking 2003 CD re-issue of: The Businessmen – ‘Live From Space City’ – (1982 LP) along with added Bonus Singles. And, he produced a 2-song medley CD in 2006 for The Businessmen band. Garret produced the CD album 'Reggae Rocker Stylee' for Crucial Dread Reggae Band, and he also re-mastered the Anniversary edition of that same album - after the first pressing was sold out.

Recently, Garret produced an album CD in 2010 for the Texas Alt/Rock band – The Inanimate Objects. Congradulations to The Inanimate Objects for performing recent shows, including Dan Electro's Guitar Bar and the House of Blues in Houston, on the wings of their new CD release on Interchange Records!

In 2011, Garret Factory completed producing the new 2012 album release for Whooping Cranes, featuring the band's brass section on many of the songs. And, Garret also composed the songs and wrote the horn arrangements for the Whooping Cranes album.

Whooping Crane - News Update

The Atlanta rock band Whooping Cranes® full album 'Rock with the Flock' CD was released in spring 2012 on Interchange Records/Atlanta, GA.

***** Whooping Crane fans have been anxiously awaiting this new concept album of original songs. And, Whooping Cranes horn section is also featured in this new release. The first cd release show for Whooping Cranes was at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar in Houston, TX on Saturday June 2, 2012. The second Cd release show took place in Atlanta, GA at the Red Light Cafe on Friday November 16, 2012.

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Garret's letter to the Fan Club -- 1998


Garret Factory release - 'The Drive Off the Map' CD

Dear Factory Friends,

Have you ever wondered what kind of music I was writing and playing back in Texas, before I moved to Atlanta, and before there was a Crucial Dread Reggae Band and a Garret Factory & the Whooping Cranes? Besides performing solo Acoustic shows, and playing in Rock & Reggae bands, I developed my showcase band called: Oui B. Cranes which later evolved into Garret Factory & The Drive. Now, we are announcing that we’ve just completed a CD album entitled ‘Garret Factory and ‘The Drive Off The Map’ to celebrate our 10 year Anniversary!

This new album consists of all originals, starting out with 3 studio songs, & followed by 14 songs from Live Shows! Currently my Whooping Cranes® Band continues to play some of these songs, which allows this release to be an up-to-date, as well as reflective project! And even though this CD Release is a ‘Basement Tapes’ album, it Rocks! It’s interesting to note that this new release is a “that’s the way it was” kind of album: no remixing, no additives, no overdubs, no preservatives – just pure raw music! The album was recorded in stereo analog and digitally mastered for the best possible sound quality, which did improve many aspects of the recordings from our shows; due to: different mic placements, different EQ’s, etc, And there’s nothing like the sound of digitally mastered beer-bottles breaking!... It’s energetic Pub Rock, complete with cigarette smoke so thick that you’d think someone turned on a fog machine! This compilation includes magical versions captured Live, as well as bringing the listener directly into the heart & soul of the party with the eclectic audience of ‘Drivehards’!

Interchange Records is proud to add this CD to the catalog! It’s a Real Rockin’ Album of 17 songs – clocking in at over 76 minutes, which constitutes a double-album! I send my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in helping make this album possible!!!

Many Thanks & Keep Rockin’!

Garret Factory

P.S. Just like our Band, this album is a Party looking for a place to happen! Enjoy!


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