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Garret Factory @ Blythe Spirits in Houston, Texas..Garret Factory @ The Houston International Festival..Garret Factory opens for Karla Bonoff @ the Cotton Club in Atlanta, GA
Garret rocking @ Blythe Spirits in Houston, Texas
Performing on the Texas stage @ the Houston International Festival
Garret Factory opens for Karla Bonoff @ the Cotton Club in Atlanta, GA

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GARRET FACTORY - Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Producer

Welcome to the website of Garret Factory, a musician who will charm you with his music, singing, & guitar playing. There are many people who see and hear him singing and playing his guitar as a solo, or in duo, or trio; perhaps laid back, elegant, with romantic singing and entertaining. Yet in many of his band configurations, he’s dancing around the stage rocking the crowd as an excited showman; sometimes shaking like a leaf, or bouncing off the walls or the floor. His signature rhapsodic-style dancemoves combined with his very wacky guitar playing always turns a dance floor into a fun frenzy! Garret Factory’s original music has been heard from radio shows and television specials to festivals and concert halls. His charisma, energy, and exuberance continue to keep the crowd danced, entranced, & romanced.

Throughout the Music Industry, many artists and bands don't write their own songs; instead they record, sing and play songs that are composed by other writers. Unlike many artist/bands in the Music Industry, Garret’s writes and performs songs that do not all sound the same! He writes, produces, & arranges differently by not continually repeating formula as prescribed almost everywhere in the Industry. His music is inspired by concept & by daring to be different, so you get to decide what you like; not just the usual commercially-driven formula products that come from the accepted Industry standard.

Acoustic and electric guitarist - singer - songwriter, Garret Factory has become well know in the southeast U.S. for his recordings and live performances. He is able to present a wide variety of shows and diversity of styles: rock, blues, soul, ballads, reggae, alternative rock, fusion, swing, rockabilly, and instrumental music as well!

Garret Factory has opened shows in concert with: Basia, Black Uhuru, Karla Bonoff, Edie Brickell, Stanley Clarke, Bo Diddley, Nanci Griffith, Inner Circle, Sleepy LaBeef, Stephen & Damian Marley, The Police, The Ramones, Al Stewart, Kirk Whalum, Will & the Bushmen, Townes Van Zandt, and many others; and he continues to perform major festivals, concerts, & events. As a singer-songwriter Garret Factory has received much attention by the media, press, & fans alike. Some of his songs have been published by DSM/NewYork-Warner Chappell Music Publishing.

Garret Factory is known for being the very first writer of an original song called 'Whooping Crane' (Library of Congress ©1987 #PAu 350-214, & previously as 'Whoopin Crane' ©1981 #PAu 350-372). He is also known as being an original, an originator, not an imitator; simply only an inventor, a creator of timeless music in many different realms. There is a long list of requested favorite songs from his fans such as: Broken Wing, Maze of Dreams, Silent Thunder, Days of the Funky Progression, I'm an Artist, Industrial Way, Average Guy, Life of a Fortress, Etc. Love, Whooping Crane, Pumping Pulse, Take Me Back to Jamaica, You're My Specialist, Kitchen Cookin Blues, Love Ya Like Guacamole, and the list continues on! Garret's new album Cd release with his band Whooping Cranes delivers another new collection of originals.

In addition to being a trio/duo/solo singer-performer, this guitarist/vocalist Garret Factory, also performs with these bands: Whooping Cranes funky rock soul band, Crucial Dread reggae soca calypso band, and the legendary zany rock band The Businessmen.

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