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The Businessmen® Trademark - Official Website of the rock band The Businessmen. This US trademarked band is the bona fide first and original band 'The Businessmen'. Currently dual-based from Atlanta, GA and Houston, Texas USA, The Businessmen perform and deliver high energy rock shows. There are new studio releases on the horizon by The Businessmen, so please be on the lookout for more music to come from The Businessmen band.

The Businessmen started out back in the early days of punk rock / art rock and new wave music. This band enlivened a wacky zany style of music and live performance presenting The Businessmen as a vaudeville rock show. Along with the use of their podium and a vast array of stage props, The Businessmen continue to deliver a directive and memorable performance for all who attend their shows.

In the formative years, the music of The Businessmen continued growing from punk & groove to the point that their 1982 vinyl LP release-Live from Space City (2003 reissue CD /Interchange Records) truly reveals to listeners a band playing Alternative rock music many years ahead of the birth of the Seattle alternative music scene. Check out The Businessmen music!

Over the years on Live show billings, The Businessmen have performed in Concert with: The Police, The Ramones, Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding, Blackmarket Syndicate, The Inanimate Objects, Killerwatts, Plastic Idols, and many other international bands; and also in major Events, Benefits, & Festivals.

In recent times, The Businessmen performed as the headlining band at the fabulous Fox Theater for Atlanta's Talent Expo, hosted by BET comedian Mack Bootsy. In 2013, The Businessmen performed in concert with Blackmarket Syndicate at Fitzgerald's in Houston, Texas. For the past four years in a row, the band was a headliner in the annual Mistletoe Madness show at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar.

In addition to performing for many years, the band continues writing and recording music for future releases as well. Buy or listen to the recent release double digital download "Needles Aint It/Without Me". Many college radio and public radio stations continue to play this recent release, and also the long-time underground hit song by The Businessmen "I'm An Artist" (the original vinyl 45 single which is included on the reissue CD - Live from Space City). Stay tuned to the website for details about upcoming new releases and more live show dates!

The Businessmen have released vinyl LPs, 45 singles, & CDs, and are continuing to rock and roll presented by the Interchange Records label. This band owns the US Trademark to the bandname. Please insist on only the real, the true, the first, the foremost, the original, and that is: The Businessmen®.

Personnel of The Businessmen:

Don McPants - Lead vocals & percussion
Garret Factory - Guitar & vocals
C Dub Wally- Bass & vocals
Bellian Marshall - Drums & vocals

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